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Sync Your (Example Bank) Accounts to FINSYNC and Experience Financial Harmony and a Better Way to Grow Your Business


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Sync Your Bank and Credit Cards to FINSYNC and:

  • Send payments from your bank account or credit card using only an email address

  • Receive payments however your customers want to pay: ACH, credit card, online, email, or in person





Also, Sync Your Accounts to:

  • Automate accounting
  • Process payroll
  • Manage & project cash flow
  • Streamline financing
  • Save time & money

Unlike Quickbooks and similar accounting applications, FINSYNC is an all-in-one payments platform that automates accounting, helps you manage cash flow, and connect with your personal banker at (Example Bank) online anytime you need financing.





Better Together

When you combine payments, payroll, accounting and cash flow management with built-in services, you’ll experience financial harmony and the best way to grow your business more profitably.

*Cash Flow: Accounting & Cash Flow Management



Finances Are Better in Sync

The old way businesses managed payments, accounting and cash flow was decentralized. (Example Bank) and FINSYNC's approach is centralized and helps you save measurable time and money.




We Measure Our Success Through
the Success of Our Customers

We have customers who have saved tens of thousands of dollars per year moving many different applications to a single platform.


(Example Bank) & FINSYNC Are Here to Help You Succeed with
Innovative Software and Unmatched Services

You can get started with payments, payroll or services, or get all your finances
in sync with the complete solution and grow your business more profitably.

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FINSYNC is the only all-in-one payments platform that helps businesses get all their finances in sync, centralize control of cash flow, and get in sync with
the right financial professional at the right time. Grow in new and empowering ways when you combine innovative software with unmatched services.