Get the Best Financing When Your Finances Are In Sync

BFS Capital is in sync with FINSYNC so you can experience financial harmony and a better way to grow your business.

Complete the form to meet your own, dedicated Concierge Representative who will help you get started with a better way to manage cash flow and get the best financing options for your business.


Please complete the form below to meet your Concierge Representative who will help you get started with FINSYNC.


Better Together

When you combine payments, payroll, accounting cash flow management with built-in services, you'll experience financial harmony and the best way to grow your business more profitably.

*Cash Flow:
Accounting & Cash Flow Management


Finances Are Better In Sync

Unlike Quickbooks and similar accounting applications,
FINSYNC is an all-in-one payments platform that automates accounting, streamlines payroll, helps you manage cash flow,
and connect with BFS Capital online anytime you need financing.



We Measure Our Success Through the Success of Our Customers

We have customers who have saved tens of thousands of dollars per year moving from many different applications to a single platform.

We're Committed to Your Success 

In order to succeed long term, you need software that will help you scale most efficiently, reliable help from trusted accounting professionals and quick access to lower-cost capital as you grow.


Software Solutions

  • Invoice customers and receive payments faster 

  • Pay bills with ease 

  • Process payroll online with less cost and greater confidence 

  • Automate accounting

  • Project cash flow


Professional Services

We take a needs-based analysis
to match you with the right accounting professional who is
best qualified to help you grow.


The Lending Network

BFS Capital is a charter member of the FINSYNC Lending Network, a network made up of leading lenders, banks and credit unions. When we all work together,
with your own Concierge Representative at the center,
you win with the best loan options to grow your business.

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Whether you need help finding an accounting professional, getting started with cash flow management software, or help securing the best financing options, we’re here to help.